Volunteer Opportunities

Truck and Van Crew


Assist the crew with pick ups of donated furniture and delivery to household set ups.  Mornings, Monday-Thursday.  Also need help organizing the warehouse and moving boxes.

Ministry House Donation Sorting


Volunteers needed to sort donated items including clothing, books, linens and kitchenware. 

Clothing Closet Donation Sorting


Volunteers sort and fold clothing at 8 Wickford Way in Fairport.  We also need volunteers to work one on one with clients using the clothing closet to help them select clothing.

Secretarial Assistance


Help is needed at 46 South Main Street with typing correspondence and light data entry.



Tutors are needed Monday evenings at Guardian Angels Church East and Thursday evenings at Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit.

Saint's Place Super Sale


Donate good quality items - collectibles, antiques, jewelry...items that sell for top dollars. If you can't attend the sale, please consider making a financial donation.

Volunteer Stories

Jack Finkle


I have been a volunteer at the Clothing Closet for a few months now.  Assisting just a couple hours a week at the Clothing Closet is one of the most gratifying things I have ever done in my life.  I primarily work in the Men's Clothing Room.  I have the time of my life assisting young boys, teenagers and adults find shirts, pants, shoes, jackets, gloves and hats that they need and which bring smiles to their faces.  It is fulfilling to be around other volunteers at the Clothing Closet who share the same values and the same sense of purpose to help support the mission of Saints Place.

   In addition to assisting at the Clothing Closet, my wife and I support Saints Place in another way. We have also donated clothing, furniture and other household items we no longer need.  When we hear from friends that they would like to donate clothing, furniture, and household items, we suggest Saints Place as an organization worthy of consideration to do so.

My wife, Karen and I are very much looking forward to helping at the Annual Super Sale in July 2019. 


Long - time Volunteer

Mary Ann Wiener


"I started volunteering when the entire operation was on Main Street.  The refugees were brought here for clothes.  A couple of months into my “volunteer career”, a family from Bhutan came in consisting of a mother, father, a couple of children and grandma.  Grandma was dressed in a sari, a team jacket from some high school and a knit hat with a NY Yankees emblem on it.  Her face was weathered and she resembled Mother Teresa.  She stopped me in the hall, put her hands together and bowed her head in thanks for helping her family.  I’ll never forget her.  And as Mother Teresa said, “If you do it to help others, you do it to Jesus”. 

I don’t see the refugees any more, but I put together their bedding and soft goods they need for their new home.  I see their names, ages and where they’re from on their intake sheets.  Whether it’s Maya, or Mohammed, or Ilunge, or little Raisa, I know I’m making their lives a little better.  Someone told me, “You have to have a why in your life” -  a why to get up in the morning, a why to keep busy. I found my why fifteen years ago at Saints Place."