Frequently Asked Questions



1.  When can I leave donations?
We would prefer that donations be left on weekdays when the volunteers are working rather than the weekends. As long as there is room, donations may be left on our fully-covered back porch. If there is no space left on the shelves or in front of the shelves, please do not leave items. Often the entrance to our back door has been blocked with donations. and presents a safety or fire hazard.

 2.  Does Saint's Place accept appliances? 

We do not accept appliances. Refugees’ homes are furnished with a stove and refrigerator.

3.  What type of clothing is needed by the refugees?
Refugees need casual everyday clothing. They do not need dressy clothing, formal wear, etc. They also do NOT need ripped, torn, dirty or out-dated clothing. When we distribute clothing to the refugees, at times they immediately wear the clothing, often leaving Saint's Place in clothing they have selected. It is very important to have the clothing clean and ready to wear.

4.  What items are unacceptable?
Large furniture items, such as entertainment centers, China cabinets, triple dressers, buffets, used mattresses, bird cages, typewriters, computers, fish tanks, exercise equipment, reclining chairs, sleeper sofas, holiday decorations, encyclopedias, family albums, unlabeled movies, fabric furniture with animal hair, medicine, food, etc. are unacceptable. We need practical items since refugees’ apartments are typically small.

5.  Do we accept or need books?
Saint's Place accepts children’s books. We do not accept adult books for refugees , since most refugees are just learning to speak our language. We do accept nice adult books closer to our Annual Super Sale, which is held in July.

6.  Do we accept televisions?
Yes, if they are in working order as long as they weigh less than 50 pounds. We only accept flat screen TVs.  We no longer accept tube-style or older TVs.

7. What items of furniture do we need?
We are always in need of: kitchen tables and chairs, dressers, end tables and coffee tables, sofas (with no tears or stains). Due to allergies, we cannot accept fabric furniture with animal hair.

8. Does Saint's Place have a pickup service?
Yes, for large items (furniture). Saint's Place truck/van pick ups are only available to addresses within a 10 mile radius of 46 South Main Street. We ask that small items be dropped off at our Ministry House on 46 South Main Street in Pittsford, New York.

9.  How do I schedule a pick up?
Call 585-385-6860 to be put on the schedule. Please give us a two to three week lead time to get you scheduled for a pickup. We use the van and truck for delivering the donations to the refugees, so we seldom have the luxury of being able to pick up items on short notice, even when we desperately need them! Saint’s Place is a volunteer organization. We depend on the kindness and hard work of our volunteers.

Your donations are important. Without the generosity and support of concerned individuals, Saint's Place would not exist. You give newly arriving refugees to Rochester a sense of hope and a belief that others truly care for them. If you have any questions about a donation, please call 585-385-6860.